Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 will be Great

So 2007 is coming to a close. It has been a big year with lots of ups and downs. There were lots of first in my life as well. I thought I would do a personal recap of some stuff. Here goes:
  • Professionally - I got laid off, found a great new job (two actually), got promoted and feel like I am on a path for great things in the next year. I have been able to work with a fantastic group of people and am starting to share what I have done with other people as they begin their careers. I have joined the Project Management Institute (today actually), and will be scheduling my exam with my next paycheck, and will have my certification soon. Overall, it was a difficult start to my professional year, but it ended on a great high note. Lets hope this continues in 2008.
  • Family - It was a pretty good year in my family as well. Like I said in a previous post I feel like I have come into my own as a member of my family (this is still a weird feeling). Also, things are looking up in terms of family health. Dad is still fighting, but the latest news was extremely positive (read no chemo). Mom is also doing well, as is Gram and the rest of the fam.
  • Personal (Friends) - While I lost some people in my life through stubbornness and ridiculousness on both our parts, I have gained or reconnected with quite a few people whom I really value. I am constantly reminded that I have the greatest friends in the world. I want you all to know how much you all mean to me and how much I value our friendships. I have no doubt that good people will continue to enter my life and I can only hope that each one of you receive the same gift in 2008.
  • Personal (Relationships) - A little rougher on this front over the course of the year. I think at 26 I am finally realizing that I have alot to offer someone and deserve someone in my life who I can share with, who I am happy with and who I can be myself with. Next year I am going to try to put myself out there a little more than I have in the past. I am not entirely sure how I am going to go about this, but I am no longer going to do things to prevent myself from being hurt, cause at the same time I am preventing myself from being happy.
  • Personal Growth - There have been lots of time throughout my life where i have felt like I have grown up too fast, where lots of things have been dumped on my, but this year was different. I didn't grow up because of stuff happening to me. I grew up because I choose to. It is weird, and in many ways I tried to stay a kid, but it is happening. I am slowly bettering myself, the situations I am in and the communities which I am part of.

So overall, 2007 was pretty good. There are lots of loose ends that I hope will get tied up really soon, but I can be patient. Really, I liked 2007 and 2008 looks like it will be a fantastic year.


MrsTwink said...

Man, I really need to do a self-reflection post.

My advice for your relationships... have no fear! Put yourself out there. Meet people. Don't be afraid of rejection. Don't be close minded and don't judge a book by its cover.

bricknhymr said...

I am waiting for the self reflection post with baited breath.

...and I am taking your advice on the relationship thing. I am still not headed for JDate or, just being a little more social. If you see me take a day off on a friday and hit the road you will know why.

Chris said...

When you're out being more social, can you drag me along to be your sidekick?

bricknhymr said...

Yes, of course Chris

Chris said...

Ok good. Please remember that just because I'm kicking and screaming it doesn't mean I'm not having a good time.