Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dollar Dogs a Plenty!!

I am a born and breed Philadelphia Sports fan, sorry to those of you who are not. This means that I have some interesting, sports related, traits. In order to explain I would like to let you know about the following facts:
  1. Our teams have not won a championship since 1983... I was 2, couldn't enjoy it.
  2. Our Baseball team was the losing-est franchise of the twenty first century.
  3. Our Football team has never, ever won the Super Bowl.
  4. We did Boo Santa, but we had good reason.
  5. We Love Our Sports, Our Teams and Our Players
I honestly believe that Philadelphia is one of the greatest sports town in the world. Our fans are knowledgeable, passionate and just want to win something. With all that passion comes a great deal of tradition. For example, the Eagles have a fight song, played on approriately on mummer style banjos. The baseball mascot is some sort of big green thing, but we love him anyway. We host the Army-Navy Game for crying out loud. But there is one, somewhat unsung, tradition that continues to create great memories for Philadelphians and visitors alike: Dollar Dog Night

Now I know other sports teams run promotions where they sell hot dogs for a dollar, but they are not the same. First for a buck at Camden Yards in Baltimore you get a little flimsy, slightly discolored, semblance of a thing. In Philly we are talking All Beef, Hatfield's Finest franks. These things are big. Not to mention the way the fans take to the dogs. In some parks you will see the number of strikeouts kept track of, or home runs, but how many places do you see competitions on how many dogs can be put down in nine innings.

My friend Matt and his wife Alyssa are headed to Dollar Dog Night on the 28th of May, and let me tell you, those Dogs don't stand a chance.

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