Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two Blogs... Are you crazy?

Some of you may have gotten here from my 0ther blog, A Brick Once Said, others from my AIM profile, or Facebook, or anywhere else I put myself out there on the world wide web. All of that is cool, but it is important to clearly state why I have put up this blog in addition to my other presences on the Web. Mostly I am going to write here. Just write. It is pretty rare that I spout out my personal life to the people I care about, but for some reason putting it on the web seems like a safer, better idea. Judge that if you want, but ultimately it is the way that I choose to express my issues, happiness, sadness, frustration and elation.

The reason to have two different places for this is simple, they are different topics. While I think there is some value in making the links between the creators of each post, but ultimately this is really going to be a space where I can let it all hang out and put to "paper" just the stuff that is going on. If you like it, i hope you read it. If you don't, I am still going to put it here.

Happy Reading

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