Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One of the Best Causes Ever

Today is the day off in the world of sports. There are only two days in the year where there are no major professional sports games scheduled. The day before and the day after the Baseball All Star game. On the day before there are lots of events at the All Star game, including the Home Run Derby, which means today, the day after the All Star game is really a day off. It is a day that ESPN, the leader of all things sports, has made incredibly special.

On this day each year ESPN runs a charity marathon to raise money for the V Foundation. Jim Valvano, a college basketball coach, passed away after a fight with cancer in 1993. Before he did he made what some consider one of the greatest acceptance speeches of all time. Jimmy V was receiving the Aurthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian award, the first time that this award was given. Here is a video of this amazing speech (sorry for the quality, I can't get to YouTube or MySpace)

Jim Valvano Acceptance Speech

On this day each year ESPN sets aside time to raise money for cancer research, and unlike many charities, every dollar raised goes directly to research.

I personally have been touched by cancer, as my grandmother passed away from lung cancer and my father is currently battling bladder cancer. It is a disease that will afflict one in four people. 1 in 4. It is a constant in our lives at this point. I commend ESPN on taking the time to bring forward the need to continue to give to this cause and this foundation in particular.

I cannot afford to bid on one of the very cool experiences that they have up for auction, but I can give a little. I am giving my $20 to the V Foundation and hopeful that I do not have to give it next year. Within my lifetime someone is going to hear from there doctor that they have cancer, and then they will get a prescription that will eradicate the disease in their body. Until that day I will give what I can, because every little bit helps.

So here is to hope, and a day off from sports. Here is to research and the power of many small gifts. Here is to the end of suffering of the people with cancer and the families who help them fight.

"Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up"
Jim "Jimmy V" Valvano
1946 - 1993


mdduckman said...

This is a GREAT speech - it always makes me tear up towards the end. I lost my father to lung cancer, so this is very important to me as well. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...


The V Foundation recently launched "The $1,000,000 Lung Cancer Research Grant in Honor of Emily Miner". We need your help to spread the message and help V Foundation raise $1M in Emily's honor.
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Emily Miner, a 39 year-old mom of two, is the new face of lung cancer -- the leading cause of cancer deaths in North America. She never smoked, keeps fit and on the surface would appear to be the last person you'd imagine would get sick from this disease.

This is Emily's Story

The reality is lung cancer affects one in every 16 women, and kills more women each year than breast and all gynecological cancers combined. Now more than ever, we need to fight back against this disease.

The V Foundation has pledged to raise $1,000,000 in Emily's honor to accelerate to clinical trial the research of a current lung cancer SPORE grant. These "Specialized Programs of Research Excellence"
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